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Don't Forget to Stretch While Working from Home

Working from home is currently the new normal, whether we like it or not. As our routines take a detour for the time being, we have to remember that our health cannot be put on hold like our gym memberships. Your home is likely not the pinnacle of ergonomic efficiency. But really who’s is? This could however, result in your body being strained in new ways. As you clear the clutter from the dining table to perch on a less than comfortable chair, here are some simple stretches for your joints and muscles.


Although we at free the yoga have more than our fair share of experience working from home, we are not doctors. Please note, if you have any level of chronic pain, we highly recommend you talk to your doctor before doing any at-home stretches to ensure that they are right for you

Wrist & Shoulder Release

We have all sat way too long typing at a keyboard and felt our muscles tighten. To alleviate any discomfort in your wrist, extend your arm with the palm facing up, then gently pull your fingers down and back with your other hand. Switch hands and repeat. For shoulder discomfort, you want to stretch both arms out in front of you and interlock your fingers, then turn your hands so the palms face out. Raise your arms over your head and reach for the sky.

Hip Opener

If your like me, and were not able to find funds or space for a standing desk and sitting most of the day, it may result in tightness in your lower back and hips. To stretch, you start by simply sitting at the edge of your chair with both feet hip distance apart and directly under your knees. Begin by crossing one ankle over the opposite knee and stretch forward gently and slowly. Repeat on the other side.

Low Back Release

The chair your sitting in may be causing increased tension in your lower back. If you have tried every chair in your house, and are continuing to experience discomfort here is something you can do to ease the strain. Start by sitting sideways in your favorite chair with the arm that is closest, holding the back. Next, start to gently twisting the front of your body towards the back of the chair that your holding with your arm. With the opposite arm, try and reach your opposite knee, or if your feeling brave, even further, the floor is your limit.

Half Downward Dog

Here is a way to ease into one of my favorite yoga poses, and you don’t even need a yoga mat. Start by standing facing the back of a chair, and then place your hand on the back of the chair. Take small steps back, as far as possible without experiencing discomfort. Try and keep your legs and arms straight while focusing on the stretch in your spine.

Breathing Exercise

There is a magic that starts to awaken during conscious breathing or pranayama. Yoga asana acts as a catalyst to increase the efficiency of your respiratory system. Start by sitting or lying down comfortably and closing your eyes. Next, take a deep breath in through your nose, following the air into your belly, letting it linger and expand. As you exhale, do so through the mouth, exhaling slower than you inhaled. With each passing breath, attempt to deepen your breathing. Consider setting a timer before you start if its not bedtime, as this may send you off to dreamland sooner than you anticipated.

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