Iyengar Yoga

5 Class Package

Enjoy a private yoga class in the luxury of your own home. Fill out our complimentary assessment and start your yoga practice today.



Kids in Preschool

Intro to Yoga for Kids

Our three class family bundle makes yoga fun for the whole family. Introduce your kids to the love of yoga in the comfort of your home. 



Golf player walking

Yoga for Golfers

This three class package is structured to help you achieve a more consistent and effective golf swing. Add stability and strength to your golf game with yoga.



Prenatal Yoga Practice

Prenatal Yoga

Our three class package will help you relax and stay fit. It is a great way to prepare for labor and promote your baby's health. 



Ready at the Line

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga contributes to improvements in strength, mobility, balance, and concentration. It amps up physiological and cognitive performance. 



Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Yoga to Manage Pain

Yoga can help people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, 

migraines, low back pain, and many other types of chronic pain conditions